How to Get a Flat Stomach in a Month

A flat stomach is something that a lot of people desire for different reasons. Some people want a flat stomach because they have a special event that is coming up while others just want to decrease the belly fat. Flat abs are extremely nice aesthetically. In addition, having flat abs is also better for one’s health. Losing belly fats will not only make you look better but it will also reduce your risks for diseases like breast cancer, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Benefits of a Flat Stomach

1. Steamier sex

Lower-back muscles and strong sexy abs normally give you the strength as well as stamina required to make the most of positions such as Wheelbarrow and Reverse Cowgirl. However, even of great importance is the mere fact that a smaller waistline means a better blood flow in the body.

When you are overweight, you will tend to have more artery-clogging plaque that decreases the blood flow throughout your body. Researchers have shown that an increased blood flow into the pelvic regions improves vaginal lubrication, arousal, sensitivity as well as sensation.

2. Fewer sports injuries

Researchers for the United States Army tracked the injuries of both female and male soldiers during one year of field training sessions in which they occasionally performed the standardized Army fitness tests of sit-ups, two-mile runs and pushups. Those who cranked out the most pushups and sit-ups were less likely to experience any injuries.

3. Better and improved health

Having a flat stomach does not guarantee that you will never fall sick. However, studies have shown that that people having flat abs are less likely to fall sick.

4. A longer life

A Canadian study conducted on more than eight thousand people over a period of 13 years found out that people with weak abdominal muscles experienced more than double the death rates of the people having strongest midsections. This is no surprise considering that all the health conditions are normally associated with the belly fat.

Getting in a great shape and having toned abs requires a very committed change in one’s lifestyle since there are no miracle solutions that can achieve it. However, it is possible to learn the possible ways of getting a flat stomach within a month with dietary changes, interval training and the core exercises. Here is how to get a flat stomach in a month:

Plan for Fat Loss

In case you wish to lose the belly fat, it is important for you to set the fat loss goals first. These goals shall help you to lose weight consistently which will help you to get a flat stomach. A safe fat loss program is 1-2 lbs. per week which translates to 4 to 8 lbs. within a month.
Accomplish this goal just by burning between 3,500 -7,000 calories on a weekly basis through regular aerobic activities and reduced-calorie diet. The toning exercises are also essential in toning the core muscles so as to develop a flat stomach.

Core Training

Complete 2 to 3 core training sessions on a weekly basis in order to develop the stronger abdominals within one month. You should always leave a single day for resting between strengthening sessions so as to promote the repair of body muscles. Exercises like the pelvic tilt are very effective in building a very strong core.

You just have to lie on any exercise mat with knees bent and then engage the core muscles while lifting your pelvis towards the ceiling. You should then hold the contraction for around 10 counts before releasing. Complete ten repetitions during a given workout session.

Another effective exercise is the abdominal hold. Use a very firm chair in order to complete this exercise. You should sit on a chair with the feet on the floor while the hands should be braced on the edges of the chair. You should then make use of the core muscles so as to bring your feet two to four inches off the ground. Finally, hold the contractions up to 10 seconds before releasing. Repeat this movement for around 60 seconds for better results.

Ab Diet

There are specific foods which promote a flatter and leaner stomach. For instance, almonds usually contain high amounts of magnesium and fibre. Magnesium mineral is linked to building muscles and development of stronger abs. The Fitness magazine recommends a diet consisting of 1 oz. of almonds on a daily basis so as to get these benefits. You can additionally add the omega-3 fatty acids to this diet.

The nutrient improves body metabolism and also helps you to feel fuller for longer periods. Salmon, walnuts and flaxseed are good sources of the omega-3 fatty acids. Soy is also another food which promotes a flatter stomach.

Dieters who normally drink soy milk mostly appear to be losing more weight as compared to those who do not. Consume 25 grams of the soy proteins from the whole soybean sources on a day to day basis. Below are ways of taking the AB diet:

1. Follow the common cliché “Abs are normally made in the kitchens.” Some doctors and trainers estimate that a diet makes up around 90% of a weight loss equation. As a result, you should lose the overall body fat so as to flatten the stomach.

2. Reduce the overall calorie intake in case you’re going over the recommended daily allowance. You should always keep a food journal and then calculate whether you’re consuming over 1,800-2,000 calories for women or between 2,000 -2,500 for men. Try the free food and fitness calculator so as to reduce the calorie intake.

3. Eat low-carb two days per week. UK and US scientists have discovered that by adopting a low-carb diet for two days a week will reduce visceral fat while also regulating metabolic rates in a better way than a full time dieting.

A two-day per week low-carb diet might be easier for you to stick to as compared to the traditional diets. You should also pick two days weekly and then aim at eating less than 50mg of the carbohydrates. A very easy way of following the diet is by serving your meals on the leafy greens. Doctors have recommended three servings of the leafy greens daily.

4. Replace carbohydrates coming from grains with those from vegetables. You should eat a pear or an apple after every meal and also reduce the carbs from grains, pasta or bread. These nutrients and grains can regulate the belly fat.

5. Eat eggs for most breakfasts. A high proteins breakfast which includes eggs will make you to feel fuller through the whole day thus encouraging you to eat less. Always eat between 300-500 calories within 90 minutes after waking up.

6. Snack on the almonds once on a daily basis. Fill a tin with almonds for roughly 160 calories at mid-day. These are a superb source of antioxidants, fibre and good fat. However, it is important to note that they are best in smaller doses.

7. Eat 1-3 cups of the low-fat yogurt daily. Make sure that you include this Ab diet in your total consumption of calories. Yogurt usually regulates the digestive system thus helping to remove bloating so as to make the abs to look flatter.

8. Try replacing one meal every day with the vegetable soup. Even though it is better for you when it’s homemade, the low-sodium store brand can also help you in losing weight in your stomach.

9. Eat good fats. Avocados, low-fat milk, olive oil, salmon and the low-fat cheese in very small doses might help you to lose weight by making one to feel fuller for longer times and replacing the trans fats in refined and processed foods.

10. Eat your biggest meal after working out. Your metabolism process is normally boosted at this point and shall process the food efficiently. Ensure that it is high in proteins so as to help in building muscles and reduce fat.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio activities are a tool which helps in burning stomach fat. You should select activities which align with your goals for fat loss. For instance, in case you wish to lose 4 lbs. every month, you have to burn 500 calories every day. Eating 300 few calories and then exercising to burn the 2000 hundred calories every day accomplishes this simple goal. Therefore, you have to find the cardio activities which shed 200 or even more calories every session. Water aerobics, bike riding or walking at 3.5 mph meets this goal in a one-hour session for a 160-lb. individual. Here are the cardio exercises:

1. Change the sedentary habits. For one month, you should aim at reducing your time sitting to three hours every day. This means cutting out on the couch time and then walking 12,000 steps daily.

In case you normally sit for work, you should choose to walk around or stand while you talk on phone. In case you like watching TV, you should do it while at the gym. Plan the family activities outdoors and also turn break time to walk time.

The added Ab advantage of being less sedentary is the fact that it shall relax and also strengthen the abdominal and pelvis muscles. Stretching and a good posture can also help to give you the appearance of flatter abs.

2. Do one cardio workout at least five days every week. While you only require an ab workout three days every week, a cardio training of thirty minutes or even more is necessary for burning the body fat and reduce fat on abs.

3. Choose interval trainings over the medium-intensity trainings. No matter if you run, swim, walk or use the gym machines, you should intersperse periods of a medium-intensity with between 1-2 minutes of high-intensity training. This will help you in burning more ab fat.

4. Enrol in the Pilates classes. Pilates teaches one to activate the deep core muscles such as the internal obliques, transverse abdominus and multifidus. Try two to three classes weekly for the first 2 weeks of the month. Alternatively, you can rent the pilates DVDs from a local library and then do them daily in addition to the workouts.

5. Consider enrolling in the barre or the core burn classes over the last two weeks of the month. These classes can teach you the advanced core toning methods after mastering the basic pilates exercises.

6. Schedule three ab workouts every week. If burn or pilates classes do not make you to feel like you’re getting a workout, you should schedule an extra ab workout after the classes.

7. Embrace the body weight exercises. You should do planks, the side planks and push-ups as well so as to get flat abs. The static exercises will force the abs to flex up for 1 minute at that time.

8. Do strength training. Lunges, weight machines, squats and the free weights must be done with the abs lifted up and inward. Thirty minutes of a strength training on the days when you aren’t doing any ab workout shall actually increase the metabolism and also burn fatter than some of the ab exercises.

9. Try the balance exercises. You should go up on your tip toes as you do free weights. The abs shall have to be flexed so as to stand straight.

Core Exercises: Work Your Core

Core workouts shall sculpt the midsection so that when the body fat decreases, the abdominal muscles shall appear to be more developed. The core workouts are good for strengthening your back muscles and Abs which assists in the correct posture and daily activities.

You should perform these 5 to 10-minute workouts in the mornings, before going to bed or during any other time which works well for you. During the whole month, you should complete a single core workout on a daily basis, Monday through Friday.

Sample Core Program

Start in the push up position, with the arms straight. You might choose the regular push up position by balancing your weight between the hands and toes, with straight legs or the modified push up position by balancing your weight between hands and knees, with legs bent. Complete ten pushups before holding up the push up position when the arms are straight.

Holding a straight-body position with arms straight and a very tight torso is referred to as a plank. Hold this plank for 20 seconds then slowly lower your body down by transferring the weight to balance on forearms instead of the hands. This is a plank position; hold the position for a minimum of 20 seconds. Perform the core exercise sessions twice every day during the first 2 weeks. You should then perform 3 sessions every day during the final 2 weeks. As the week progresses, you should be capable of holding your plank positions for much.